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Parents and Students

To Whom It May Concern:

RE: Jennifer Diaz

My daughter Yvonne, has been attending weekly art classes at KidsArt under the direction and management of Jennifer for several years, as well as week long summer camps and holiday specialty camps.  There is no one that I can more highly recommend, no one that I trust more with my daughter, and no one as gifted an artist, teacher, and mentor as Jennifer.

If you don't have a child, or if you have a child that fits "in the box", this recommendation may just seem like nice words.  Let me assure you that Jennifer has impacted our lives on so many levels.  Yvonne's passion and gift for art has grown leaps and bounds working with Jennifer, it has been and remains to be the only long term continuing activity Yvonne chooses to do.  The painful truth is that the world does not embrace kids like my daughter, and few camps, clubs, and other organizations make them feel welcome.  Jennifer has provided a safe, nurturing and creative home away from home for Yvonne.  we are eternally thankful to her and while we wish her the best of everything we will miss her greatly.

You have the opportunity to add to your organization an exceptional individual.  Don't let her go, and please value her and treat her well, she is a treasure.


Betty Boyiazis

Mother of Yvonne, age 8, student of 2 years



Dear Jennifer,

 We are so saddened to hear that you are leaving KidsArt!  Of course we wish you only the best, but selfishly, we don’t want you to leave.  You have been the reason that Lexi has enjoyed art so much and has continued to look forward to art class every week these past few years.

 In case you need a letter of recommendation for your upcoming move, I wanted to provide you with our thoughts and feelings about you and what you have done for our daughter, and therefore our family.

 While Lexi loves art, and is very creative, she came to your classes without technical art skills.  She has taken art every day in elementary school and preschool for years, and has taken outside art classes as well.  However, what she was lacking was the ability to look at an object or scene and be able to break it down into smaller pieces and recreate what she sees.  Your classes have been perfectly paced for her development of technical art skills. Each week she would come home telling our family what new skills she was learning that was helping her to draw better or see an object more completely.  Her enthusiasm and excitement was palpable.  We could see the progress she was making each week in her projects. And not just what she produced in your studio, but whatever she drew at home or school as well.  It was so gratifying to see her being able to transfer the skills she was learning in your classes to other situations and projects.  And the more she did, the better she felt about her ability and the more she wanted to create.  I bring this up because I think that teaching these skills is so fundamental for children and I am disappointed that her school or other classes don’t realize the importance of these skills.  Children develop so much confidence and self-esteem when they are able to draw things or create art that others can recognize and appreciate.  And every time they feel proud of their accomplishments, they are more inspired to do more, try more and create more.  It is such a positive experience.  And unlike sports, there can be many good artists, and not just one winning team. 

 In addition to technical skills, you have exposed her to many different mediums that she hadn’t used before.  Since I am not an artist, I didn’t even know how to teach her these mediums or how and when to use them.  She loves to come home and explain her processes to us, and particularly her Grandfather, who asks her each week what new piece of art she has created.  You have opened her eyes to many new possibilities and options that we didn’t know existed.  What’s more, we appreciate that you saw her interest and made sure to keep her growing and exploring new things when you saw she was ready.  We know it’s difficult to change things for each kids’ individual needs, but you managed to do that wonderfully without upsetting the class or making my daughter “wait” with the group.  That has made her feel understood and validated.  She feels good that you trust her to perform to her highest level, knowing she can come to you if she has questions, but with the confidence that she is able to take each new step.

 On an emotional level, our daughter always feels safe, supported and encouraged by your style of letting her learn at her pace.  I don’t know how you are so calm about answering all the kids’ questions, and keeping them focused, but you obviously have a gift.  My daughter was never worried that you would interfere in her work (she really likes to do it herself).  She always feels excited by what she is learning, eager for the next challenge, happy with the amount and type of guidance and instruction, and thrilled that she has choices.  She can’t wait for art each week and is always thinking about where she is in her project and what she wants to do next.  The minute she walks in your door, she is in her creative zone and thrilled to be able to allow her thoughts and ideas to flow.  That is the gift of a safe art studio – the freedom to create, think, explore and experiment.

 And finally, I have to thank you for all your endless accommodations to our ever-changing schedule.  You ALWAYS made us feel welcome whenever we needed to change our class time.  You ALWAYS returned calls promptly. You ALWAYS made sure we were set up for the coming month(s) of classes so that we could just let our daughter look forward to art class each week.  Your customer service has been so appreciated.  So, we miss you already, but hope that you will be happy in your new endeavors.  We know that some luckily children will be thrilled to have your classes and we wish you only the best!  If there is anything we can do before you leave, please let us know.  If not, feel free to keep in touch and let us know how things are going for you.


With appreciation and best wishes,

Zina, Steve and Lexi Block

Parents of Lexi, age 9, student of 3 years




Thanks for all that you’ve done for Nate.  He felt safe in your class and that was so important.

Love you,

The Bonillas

Parents of Nate, age 9, student of 5 years



Dear Jennifer,

You were a really great art teacher!  I couldn’t have asked for a better one!



I’ll miss you!

Camille, age 11, student of 7 years


KidsArt Director


It is hard to find words to express how wonderful it has been working with you these past seven years.  I have watched you grow into a great business woman as well as a fabulous KidsArt teacher.  As you know finding the “right person on the bus” is a very difficult task. There are so many qualities that I look for in a manager.  Organized, motivated, dedicated, warm, friendly, a hard worker…  I could go on forever!  My point is that all of these qualities I found in you.  It is not only a great loss for me that you are leaving, but also for the Tarzana studio parents and students.

We are going to miss you!



Anna Sheklow, KidsArt Los Angeles Director





You are one of the most wonderful people I know.  You have helped shape my life in more ways than one.  You are hard working and very inspirational to me.  Your kindness towards me and other has left me with the ability to do the same.   Thank you for all of the little things you do for me.  For all the times you have offered help and advice.  For teaching me to become a better artist.  But most of all, thank you for giving me courage and faith in myself.  I just want to let you know how much I appreciate and love you.  Know that you are loved and you will be missed.



Candace Leon, Long time student turned KidsArt Tarzana Jr. Assistant and eventually KidsArt Northridge  Teacher


Dear Jen,

I wanted mostly to thank you for the 3 years of great management and guidance you’ve given me.  I’ve learned so much in teaching and art from you and KidsArt won’t be the same without you!

I will miss having you as boss and co-worker and wish you the best in whatever you do.

Best Wishes,


´╗┐Becky Miller, KidsArt Assistant Teacher