You are one of the most wonderful people I know.  You have helped shape my life in more ways than one.  You are hard working and very inspirational to me.  Your kindness towards me and other has left me with the ability to do the same.   Thank you for all of the little things you do for me.  For all the times you have offered help and advice.  For teaching me to become a better artist.  But most of all, thank you for giving me courage and faith in myself.  I just want to let you know how much I appreciate and love you.  Know that you are loved and you will be missed.



Candace Leon, Long time student turned KidsArt Tarzana Jr. Assistant and eventually KidsArt Northridge  Teacher


Dear Jen,

I wanted mostly to thank you for the 3 years of great management and guidance you’ve given me.  I’ve learned so much in teaching and art from you and KidsArt won’t be the same without you!

I will miss having you as boss and co-worker and wish you the best in whatever you do.

Best Wishes,


´╗┐Becky Miller, KidsArt Assistant Teacher

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