Turpentyne Ltd. Art Course Policies 

Updated September 2018


*If parents or family members have any questions or concerns about their students’ program, progress or relationship to other students or teachers, communication is greatly encouraged. We will do all we can to resolve any difficulties immediately.

*If a student has special needs, be sure to let us know when enrolling.

*If you have a special request for an off curriculum art project, please discuss with the teacher to be sure it meets the student’s proper skill level and that it will not cause a disruption in class. Final determination of the requested art project may be made by the teacher.

*We reserve the right to refuse continued enrolment if a student is disruptive to other pupils, intentionally destructive to the studio space, or physically violent toward the staff or other students.



*The Turpentyne teaching methodology is PROCESS focused.  Our curriculum and methods are designed to build our students fine motor skills and visual understanding through a repetitive and layered approach to learning.  Our students will take home amazing works of art that are impressive, and sometimes unbelievable.  This is the PRODUCT that results from our method.  We hope that you will find that the true value of our courses is in the process that results in our students developing real art skills and self-confidence.

*In order to teach the “how” of a visual art, demonstrations are necessary.  Oftentimes these demonstrations are directly on a student’s artwork.  This does not make the artwork any less their own, rather a real artifact of their learning process.

*Our teachers are very aware of our impact on our students’ artwork, and we endeavor to limit our interference in a piece of artwork to 10% or less for younger less experienced students, and 5% or less for advanced students.  As a student’s competency improves, we move our demonstrations off their artwork and onto a sketch paper so that they must recreate the lesson with minimal assistance.

*Feel free to discuss our curriculum, methodology and your child’s artwork with our teachers.  We are always happy to answer your questions.



*Please notify us in advance if your student will not be returning to classes in the new half term. 

*Please notify us prior to your student missing a class.  Students who notify us in advance of their missed classes will be eligible for a make up lesson.

*If a student is more than ten (10) minutes late to class, the student’s seat may be given away (for that class only) to a student waiting for a makeup, unless prior arrangements have been made with us.



*Make up lessons are offered as a courtesy, and we make every effort to accommodate our students’ requests, however they are not guaranteed as a replacement for classes missed.

*Make up lessons are to be used sparingly and are only available if you have notified us in advance of your child's absence in their regular class. 

*If we are not notified of an absence prior to the beginning of class, the opportunity for a make up lessons is forfeited. Please tell a member of our teaching staff, leave a voicemail on the studio phone, send us a Facebook message, or email Jenn to cancel a lesson. This policy also applies to scheduled make up lessons.

*Our weekly classes are often fully subscribed and arranging make up lessons can be very difficult.  Please try to avoid the hassle by attending your regular class where your seat is always guaranteed.

*Prorated tuition will not be granted for unplanned absences even if a convenient make up lesson is not available.

*Only your reserved regular class time is paid for, and as such any missed class is at your own risk.

*Make up lessons may not be done within a term that the student is not enrolled.

*Make up lessons do not take the place of regularly scheduled classes.

*All make up lessons must be scheduled in advance.

*Any paid classes cancelled by Turpentyne due to emergencies will be refunded or a credit may be carried over to a later term.  Every effort will be made to contact the effected students in advance of such an event.

*Workshops are offered on a fixed schedule and are not eligible for make up lessons or prorates.

*Make up lessons have no cash value.



*Classes are only paid for by the half-term. 

*Tuition is due on or before the first lesson of each half-term.

*Unless prior arrangements are made, if a student does not attend/pay tuition by the first lesson of the half-term, the student may lose his/her place to someone on the waiting list.

*Tuition credit is not given for missed classes.

*Tuition is not transferable from one half-term to another due to poor attendance or any missed classes.

*If a student registers for classes later than the first week of the half-term, tuition will be prorated for that half-term.



*All student materials will be supplied by Turpentyne in the classroom.  This includes but is not limited to the use of art papers, canvas, crayons, markers, charcoal, soft pastel, oil pastel, watercolors, acrylic paint, and oil paint. 

*We are committed to providing students with high quality and safe art supplies.  Every effort will be made to ensure that the supplies used in this course are non-toxic and appropriate for use by children.



*Art is messy.  We highly recommend that students attend class in clothing that is appropriate for the task.

*Turpentyne does not provide shared student aprons or smocks due to health concerns, but students are encouraged to bring their own if they desire to protect their clothing from damage by art supplies.

*Turpentyne does not assume any responsibility for any personal items left in the studio.  This includes but is not limited to hats, glasses, coats, water bottles, etc.  Please be sure to take home each day anything that your student has brought to class.

*We endeavor to take the utmost care of any artwork being held in the studio, be it a work in progress or completed.  On the exceptionally rare occasion that a piece of art is damaged or turns up missing, we will do our best to rectify the situation, but we assume no financial responsibility for the artwork.



*It is advised that children eat before they attend their lesson as food may not be consumed during art class.  This is for cleanliness sake as well as health and safety reasons.  Our supplies may be non toxic, but in no way are they safe to be ingested with a handful of crisps or chocolate.

*Making art is thirsty business.  Drinking water bottles are welcome and recommended.


Turpentyne Ltd. Privacy Policy May 2018


This document sets out our current privacy policy, in line with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). We keep this policy under review and may occasionally update it.


Who are we

Turpentyne Ltd. Is an art instruction studio, established in 2018. Previously known by Jennifer Diaz, trading as “Turpentyne” established in 2012. We do not sell or trade information about our students or their families, nor any correspondence, for marketing purposes. This privacy policy sets out where and why we do use your data to communicate with you. 


What data do we collect? 

Student Registration on our website or in studio

As a necessary part of being responsible for your children in our classes, we collect information regarding our students and their immediate families as well as emergency contacts. This information is used primarily to communicate directly with you through private emails, text messages, phone calls, letters by post.  On occasion we may also send marketing emails to our studio families containing important information regarding tuition fees, studio schedule, policy updates and upcoming studio events and activities.

We do not, and will not, carry out joint campaigning with any another organisation, and we will not share your data.


Social Media

Occasionally we feature photographs of student artwork on our Facebook page.  Student names are often included in the posts alongside their artworks. Please contact us if you would prefer we not include your child in our posts, and we will be happy to honour your request.


Although photographs may be taken in class or at events that feature your child, we do not post any photographs of our students on our website or on social media without direct permission from their parents.


Access to your personal data

Under GDPR you have the right to access, amend or delete any information we hold about you. If you would like to do so, please log into the student accounts portal on www.turpentyne.com and remove or alter any of your personal data that you see fit. If you would prefer our assistance in the process send a request to jenn.diaz@turpentyne.com indicating your preferences clearly.


How long do we keep your data

We only keep your data for as long as it reasonable or necessary, or for as long as we are required to hold it to fulfil statutory obligations. 


Data breaches

The GDPR requires that the Information Commissioner is notified within 72 hours of a breach being discovered where it poses a risk to any individuals. If the breach is a ‘high risk’, i.e. the data breach might cause discrimination, identity theft, fraud, damage to reputation or financial loss, the data subject must be notified as well. Turpentyne Ltd. will seek to minimise all risks of data breaches, but should one occur we will act swiftly to notify the relevant people keeping all individuals concerned with actions thereof.