Spring/Summer Half Term II 2017 - 7 weeks

Monday 5th June - Saturday 22nd July


Summer Holidays Workshops

26th July - 25th August

See our School Break Workshops tab


Spring/Summer Term Time 2017 Class Schedule







10:00-11:30a ages 7+





10:00-11:00a ages 4-7

9:00-10:30a ages 7+

11:40-12:40p ages 4-7




11:10-12:40p ages 7+

11:10-12:40p ages 7+

10:40-12:10p ages 7+

 1:30-3:00p Adults





12:20-1:20p ages 4-7

4:00-5:00p ages 4-7

4:00-5:00p ages 4-7

4:00-5:30p ages 7+

4:00-5:00p ages 4-7

4:00-5:00p ages 4-7

1:30-2:30p ages 4-7

5:10-6:40p ages 7+

5:10-6:40p ages 7+

5:40-7:10p ages 7+

5:10-6:40p ages 7+

5:10-6:40p ages 7+

2:40-4:10p ages 7+










4:20-5:50p ages 7+

Term Time

Please schedule in advance to reserve a seat.

  • Seats are limited to a maximum of 6-8 students per teacher.
  • Seats may be only be reserved on a half term term basis. 
  • Weekly paid tuition is not available.


New students

Please be informed that waiting lists are in effect for many classes. 

New sudents who wish to join should email us their class preference so that we may contact them as soon as a seat is available. 

If you are awaiting a seat in specific class, we thank you for your patience, as it may take many months to obtain a seat. Open seats in fully subscribed classes only become available when a current student surrenders their place.